Saturday, 1 August 2009

A long time ago in another country...

Karen asked to see the photograph I used in my blog banner. It's not very good, but I only scanned a few of my Dad's photos, I hope to do some more when I visit my Mum at the end of the month. The photograph was taken at Lake Garda in Italy where we had a fantastic caravan holiday with Belgian family called Jansen. My Dad worked with Jean-Pierre and we all met up at Lake Garda. All of their family were there, including Jean-Pierre's mother-in-law who is seated next to me.
Here are some of the rest of the group. L-R My sister, my Dad (he took a very good tan!), Jean-Pierre, my Mum, Brigitte Jansen and Josette Jansen (J-P's wife). As you can see it was a bit of a party every night!


  1. Awe thanks for showing us a larger version Janice!!! are almost lying down...don't tell me you had had a wee dram hahahahaha XXX

  2. Ooohhhh those are lovely photos Janice, you look like you were having a ball.

    Fab new banner too, clever clogs x

  3. Don't you look so different with long hair!

  4. What great photos Janice. I can see where you got your smile from.

    Love the long hair too. :)

  5. Fab piccie and I love the way you used it for your new blog banner. Does it look weird to you to see yourself the "wrong" way round?


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