Sunday, 28 October 2012

Orange - Crooked - Dark 365+1 layouts

Day 300 and we've gone orange!  Tis the season of squash and pumpkin and this butternut squash is gloriously orange.
Day 301 and the prompt is Crooked.  My little squash lantern is a little crooked (as it should be) and I couldn't resist the little ghostly digi element!

Day 302 and it is dark outside tonight, the clocks changed last night, so we are in for quite a lot of dark, but I thought I'd show the waterwheel at the New Abbey Mill which I visited last weekend.  I think we need to reconsider waterwheels, such a sustainable source of energy.  Without renewable resources the future may be very DARK indeed!

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Sweetheart Abbey - Free Choice 365+1

September from Inspiration Lane
For Free Choice in Black and White I've chosen to show you more photos from my touristy weekend. This time  it's Sweetheart Abbey, I took a photo of the information board, I hope you can read it okay.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Black and White Family Portrait - 365+1

Cafe Vienna - Inspiration Lane Collab
I really didn't know how I was going to do a 'family portrait' today, but then remembered the photo of me with my sister-in-law (on the right) which I had scanned for a blog post about Street Food on Farmersgirl Kitchen    The photo was in colour, but the colours are fading, so ideal to be converted to black and white.  It was in 1983 that Brian and I went to visit his sister, who was teaching in Malaysia and one of the first experiences we had was to visit this satay stall set up in under canvas in the street.   

Monday, 22 October 2012

Repeating Patterns - 365+1

Sew Cute - Sugarplumpaperie
I have decided that layouts are just TOO dull in black and white, so I'm keeping the actual photograph in b and w, as per the prompt, but adding some colour in the layout page.

The dress that features, with it's 'repeating pattern,' comes from an exhibition I visited at the weekend.  I went to Shambellie House, the National Museum of Costume for Scotland.  There is a permanent exhibition and with rooms set up to show different periods and then there are special exhibitions which change.  I have been to Shambellie House many times as it is a good place to take visitors. 

The current exhibition is of Horrockses Fashion dresses.  These cotton summer dresses with their bold patterns brought back memories of my Mum and her friends, although they probably made theirs rather than buy them ready made.

I've had a day off work and enjoyed being at home, but it's back to work tomorrow, so we will probably be back to catch up mode again!

Sunday, 21 October 2012

Black and White Three - 365+1

We have embarked on a series of black and white photo prompts, just at the time when the landscape seems to have burst into glorious shades of red and yellow.  I was out and about this weekend with visitors at New Abbey, and took a lot of photographs which I think you will be seeing over the next few days.  With this first prompt "Black and White Landscape" I made the layout in colour and then changed the whole thing to black and white.  Not sure that I really like it, but that is probably because I prefer it in colour!
Scraporchard - SO September Mega

Bisontine - Vintage and Kelly Marie - Bailey
I don't often feature my grandson in my layouts, but decided to 'extract' his image from the photograph convert to black and white for the 'Black and White Portrait'

DSD by Athena - Elegance
Here is an odd photo.  I took a close up of these mushrooms growing at the base of a tree, they look even more strange in black and white for the 'Black and White Close Up' prompt.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cement and Pipes for 365+1

I was struggling to get a Cement photo, I  knew these bags of sand were sitting by the breize blocks (they have been there about 2 years!) but no way would I have got a photo of them tonight, it's too dark and pouring with rain. Fortunately, I managed to find a photo which showed these bags. One day they will meet some cement and join those blocks together.

Pipes were almost as difficult, because over the years we have lived here, we have had most of the pipes boxed in .  So I'm using the pipes of my heated towel rail in the bathroom.  I've taken my inspiration from the tiles which I really love. 

Monday, 15 October 2012

Door - 365+1

After a cold and misty start, the day brightened up.  My friend had brought her dog into work today, so we took him for a walk.  I took this picture of the doors of one of the buildings in the grounds where I work.


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Street and Chimney - 365+1

I was really annoyed that I hadn't checked the prompt yesterday as I was in Glasgow and could easily have snapped a street scene.  There are no streets where I live (I checked the definition) we have lanes and roads, but no streets.  I was going to use an old photograph then I suddenly remembered this cookery book which is waiting to be reviewed for my other blog!

We may not have streets but we do have chimnneys, so that was an easy snap to take.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Overgrown-Sky-Barren-Distant 365+1

This is an incredibly busy time of year for me at work which means I'm tired and not keeping up with the prompts for 365+1.  Anyway, tonight I thought I'd raid my photo archive and get caught up again.

This one really threw me, I live in a very lush, green place and there isn't much that is barren, so I've stretched the prompt, and the spelling!

Looking towards the Moffat Hills from our top field (the field with the sheep in it).

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Natural Framing - 365+1

Designs by Mozz -Secret Garden, Snickerdoodle Designs- Outside my window
It's been another lovely day today, we had a white frost first thing, but the sun came out and it was really very warm as long as you were in the sun.  I used one of the field gates as my natural frame.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A collection of 365+1 layouts

Ellie Lash - Bo Peep
I cannot claim that I took these photographs on the day concerned, life has been rather too busy so I  instead I noted down the prompts and went out with my camera today to find some appropriate subjects for the various titles.  I just loved the expressions on the faces of these sheep, and so many different breeds with very different shapes and looks.  They stood still and looked at me and I just thought 'still life' summed them up!

Sunshine Studio - Sweet Afternoon
Autumn is the time for chrysanthymums, there are many different types, these are the simple daisy type which my mother-in-law has grown  in a little raised bed.  Perfect for Above and Below photographs.

Shabby Princess - Seasonal Sampler
Not a very inspiring photograph, but this is the view from our kitchen window as we look up the farm yard and I know that  some of you have said that you are interested in seeing where I live.  The original building is the 'pig house', at one time it would have been open on the left hand side but my father-in-law converted these buildings to house calves and added the breize blocks and roof.  It is definitely not symmetrical, we no longer keep calves in these buildings they are pretty much redundant.

Bisontine - Vintage Butterflies
You can just about see the Monument on Almagill hill to the huntsman Joe Graham, it's a local landmark we can see from our home.  It's a triangular monument and I have walked up to it just once, which seems rather pathetic, but is probably pretty typical, we never visit the landmarks that are closest to us!

Ellie Lash - Bo Peep
Yes, it's those sheep again!  Looking out over the Annan Valley, with the river winding through it's centre.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Wall - 365+1

I know this does not look like a wall, but there was an old wall there and it started to disintegrate and bits fell into our road.  So my husband and the chap who has the little garden behind the wall, have spent the last couple of weekends taking down the wall and putting up a ranch style fence in its place.  This was take one on the fence, as they decided in the end to take away more of the wall and rubbish that had accumulated.  Looking down the road, you can just see the end wall of our house.