Sunday, 28 October 2012

Orange - Crooked - Dark 365+1 layouts

Day 300 and we've gone orange!  Tis the season of squash and pumpkin and this butternut squash is gloriously orange.
Day 301 and the prompt is Crooked.  My little squash lantern is a little crooked (as it should be) and I couldn't resist the little ghostly digi element!

Day 302 and it is dark outside tonight, the clocks changed last night, so we are in for quite a lot of dark, but I thought I'd show the waterwheel at the New Abbey Mill which I visited last weekend.  I think we need to reconsider waterwheels, such a sustainable source of energy.  Without renewable resources the future may be very DARK indeed!


  1. i love butternut squash, keep meaning to make a soup. Love the ghost layout x

  2. the ghost layout is also my preferred one. Well done ! xx

  3. Well done on catch uo Janice and some thought provoking words too!!

  4. mmm butternut squash, I love it roasted. Never thought of it for orange even though I had one in the fridge.

  5. You know my favourite layout Janice ... the orange one! hahaha



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