Monday, 22 October 2012

Repeating Patterns - 365+1

Sew Cute - Sugarplumpaperie
I have decided that layouts are just TOO dull in black and white, so I'm keeping the actual photograph in b and w, as per the prompt, but adding some colour in the layout page.

The dress that features, with it's 'repeating pattern,' comes from an exhibition I visited at the weekend.  I went to Shambellie House, the National Museum of Costume for Scotland.  There is a permanent exhibition and with rooms set up to show different periods and then there are special exhibitions which change.  I have been to Shambellie House many times as it is a good place to take visitors. 

The current exhibition is of Horrockses Fashion dresses.  These cotton summer dresses with their bold patterns brought back memories of my Mum and her friends, although they probably made theirs rather than buy them ready made.

I've had a day off work and enjoyed being at home, but it's back to work tomorrow, so we will probably be back to catch up mode again!


  1. love the dresses and great idea to do the layout in colour but keep the photo black and white :)

  2. Those dresses were made here in Preston. It was a HUGE works here and lots of the town worked for them.

  3. When I saw your thumbnail in color, I thought you were going to say that. Wow, some beautiful dresses. x

  4. Apart from the orange one, I would adore to own any of them :)

  5. Great dresses and what small waists! Remember the Museum in Bath Janice? :)

  6. Yes, I was thinking about Bath, must have been about this time last year.


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