Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Cement and Pipes for 365+1

I was struggling to get a Cement photo, I  knew these bags of sand were sitting by the breize blocks (they have been there about 2 years!) but no way would I have got a photo of them tonight, it's too dark and pouring with rain. Fortunately, I managed to find a photo which showed these bags. One day they will meet some cement and join those blocks together.

Pipes were almost as difficult, because over the years we have lived here, we have had most of the pipes boxed in .  So I'm using the pipes of my heated towel rail in the bathroom.  I've taken my inspiration from the tiles which I really love. 


  1. I too like the colours of your bathroom tiles, great photos for the prompts

  2. Yes your tiles color is gorgeous. Well done on the cement !

  3. I also love the colour of your tiles.
    What is going to be done with the breeze blocks when they finally meet the cement?

  4. Everyone has prempted me!!
    Love the colour of your tiles :)

    What where the breeze blocks for 2 yrs ago?

  5. Congratulations - really great colors! Bravo for these two projects. I like it!

  6. Very colourful bathroom Janice. And I hope the marriage of sand and blocks is made soon. hahaha



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