Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Black and White Family Portrait - 365+1

Cafe Vienna - Inspiration Lane Collab
I really didn't know how I was going to do a 'family portrait' today, but then remembered the photo of me with my sister-in-law (on the right) which I had scanned for a blog post about Street Food on Farmersgirl Kitchen    The photo was in colour, but the colours are fading, so ideal to be converted to black and white.  It was in 1983 that Brian and I went to visit his sister, who was teaching in Malaysia and one of the first experiences we had was to visit this satay stall set up in under canvas in the street.   


  1. Yes you're right Janice the colour brings out the detail in the b and w photo. :)

  2. Again very interesting LO with color and B&W photo. Well done !

  3. lovely memory to capture and a great picture and layout too.

  4. Congratulations, great project! Very interesting - well done!
    /And we were young ... Smile!/
    Good luck!

  5. Great layout and you have not changed one bit! xx

  6. great photo to use today xxx


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