Saturday, 25 January 2014

My World - in a box

The Lucky 7s theme this week is My World.  Well, some of my world went into storage this week, packed up in boxes into a hired van.  We have dry rot in our kitchen walls and the bedroom above and the work starts tomorrow to take our my lovely kitchen (only put in 3 years ago) take down the ceiling and treat the dry rot, then it all has to be rebuilt. 

We've known about it since October but the work starts next week, so it's been rather busy with packing and organising over the last month.  I'll keep you posted as the work progresses.

Monday, 6 January 2014


Feeling rather virtuous as I went to the gym after work!  As I was packing up my stuff to come away I realised that there were lots of colours, so perfect for the prompt.  There was no one around so I snapped this with my phone.

Friday, 3 January 2014

As one challenge ends...

Another begins!  Lucky Snapping in 2013 has finished but KathiJo, one of the contributors to Lucky Snapping is carrying on with photo prompts and I am going to try to do at least one each week.  Now it's Friday already and I haven't managed a single one - not a good omen!

As it's a funny sort of week we are starting on Wednesday.

Your word for this week will be : Resolutions 
with added daily prompts : 

    • Wednesday : Food
    • Thursday : Drink
    • Friday : Clothes
    • Saturday : Travel
    • Sunday : Family 

I don't do resolutions so here are my first three daily prompts:

Hope everyone is staying safe in the storms, it's wild, wet and windy here.