Sunday, 30 September 2007

How do I love thee (Watercolour Crayons)

This is my sketchbook page, using the samples and techniques from How do I love thee (Watercolor Crayons) let me count the ways. Below is a close up of a couple of the stamps from the page above.

The there is one done on watercolour paper:

and the last one is done on glossy cardstock:

DCM Dare - You've been Framed

This week I’d like you to use a FRAME or FRAMES on your card. You can use any type of frame you so wish. How about a die cut frame or a hand cut frame. You can frame your card with brackets or flowers or how about some doodling - the choice is yours.

The frame is a slidemount painted with H20s and then overstamped in Black Versamark with the swirly bit of my Elusive images Klimt bauble, same on the ribbon. The 'picture' in the frame is a little mug embossed in gold with a red heart from the Dovecraft Designer Clear Stamps I got from Bubbly Funk the Warm Wishes stamp comes from the same set.

Saturday, 29 September 2007

HS:MS Self Portrait Saturday

I didn't wash my hair this morning because I was going for a back & neck massage, I didn't put on any make-up either, so I look too shocking to publish on the web. So instead I thought I would give you my smile.

Monday, 24 September 2007

DCM Dare - Charity begins at Home & HS:MS Dog

OK, here's this weeks dare:Let's go Charity shoppingor Op shopping (as we call it in Australia)
I DARE you to visit your local Charity Shop & make someone else's

This is just my kind of challenge, so off I went to the Marie Curie Shop and found this handbag for £2.99. It was a bit embarrassing because the woman at the till was going on about how she had had her eye on the bag since it came in but had nothing to wear with it. How nice for a wedding she said - I didn't have the heart to tell her I planned to pick it to bits and make a card with it for an internet dare!

I managed to get the flower, a short peach coloured zip and the acrylic handles out of my bargain bag - these handles cost about £5-6 new.

So here is my card, the papers are K&Co and the rest of the stuff is from my stash, including a little embossed sentiment tag made with my Cuttlebug. The yellow you see is the wall, the inside of the card is covered with paper to match the outside, so you can see it behind the fold back IYSWIM.

Her Space: My Space - Put a Dog in your Space

Here is William my friend's dog - sadly, I am his 'auntie' - he is a much loved and spoiled pooch.

Saturday, 22 September 2007

I will post some crafts soon!!!

I am getting into gear and hope to start doing some paper crafting soon, then I will have something to blog. Right now I have a really sore neck, probably because I have had quite a stressful week at work, if I turn my head to the right the pain shoots right up my head. I am just going to the hairdressers and am not looking forward to the back wash!

More hassle this morning with my website. Someone had reported a minor error to me and I was going to sort it - my website had disappeared! Lycos page came up saying it was coming soon! I logged into my account and they had closed it, I closed the eshop about a month ago when the annual subscription ran out, but my email and the PHP seemed to still be there, and as I had paid for my domain name for 2 years, I thought this must all come with it - ha ha ha. It appears that there is some kind of delay in the rest of the stuff being closed because I have lost my webmail as well, with all 83 emails that are in it. I have had to sign up for one of the hosting packages and it's cost me £70 for the year, I am really mad about it because I might have gone elsewhere if I'd known this was going to happen, but its too late now - I need my site up after all the promotion I've been doing and I really need that email address. Thing is, it doesn't become operational for 24-48 hours and then I will have to upload the site again - arrrrgh

Thursday, 20 September 2007

Autumn Story

I took these pictures with the intention of using them on ATCs, printed them out and promptly lost them! So I used something else instead, but as those lovely end of summer days of hay and straw bales and picking brambles are slipping into the colder wetter weather I thought I'd post the photos on here instead.

Saturday, 15 September 2007

New Website launched

Yippee!!! I finally managed to get my new website uploaded this is where I showcase my handmade felt handbags like this one:

I was keen to get it uploaded this weekend as I have a craft fair tomorrow and want to make sure that my url gets out to as many people as possible. Hope to get a little crafting done today, but have to do all the houseworky things I usually do on a Sunday first.

Wednesday, 12 September 2007


Here is Jenny with her perfect 'M' markings and her little pink nose.

Tuesday, 11 September 2007


I am blogging James so I can link to his picture in the forum. DS2 took this picture. I can't find the one of Jenny trying to get DH & I off the computers by walking over the keyboard, it's in there somewhere!

Sunday, 9 September 2007

HS:MS - Show off Sunday

This is the window in the ruined cottage at the top of our road. I like the naturally 'distressed' paint and the ivy creeping in. Nature taking over.

Friday, 7 September 2007

I'm back!

Been in Birmingham all week at a conference, so no posting and no crafting. Came home to a lovely parcel of K&K Scrapbook papers, will take pics later and blog. Am thrilled with all the comments on my last two cards, very inspiring.

Sunday, 2 September 2007

DCM Dare & 90th Bday card

Haven't done a DCM dare for a couple of weeks, but I loved Lythan's Welsh Barbers theme : So... a trio of Welsh Barbers means that on your card you need to have 3 die cuts!( Dai is a common Welsh nickname for David and as there are a lot of Dai's around they are known by their jobs so a Welsh barber would be known as Dai Cuts. I'll get my coat.)

I don't have many die cuts as I just got my Cuttlebug last week but the circles are in 3 different sizes! The big circles for the tag I had to handcut.

This is the card I have made for my MIL to give to DH's uncle who is 90 at the end of September.

Altered pin board

I've been working on this board for a couple of weeks. I needed something on which to display the felt flower brooches that I make. I am going to a Flower themed fair on September 16th and wanted to show them off to the best advantage.

I painted the wood with Stewart Gill pearlised paint, then stamped with purple Stazon and then coloured the images withSakura pens. The pink lining material is stitched onto quilting batting and then glued onto the board with fabric glue, I pinned it down while waiting for the glue to dry. Then I glued on the silver braid which I found in my stash. And finally glued on the little paper flowers, not sure if they will survive transportation but they look pretty.
The felt flowers stick in through the quilting batting and seem to stay on quite well. The little flowers at the bottom are made from Hearty air dry clay and are just for fun, hopefully some children will buy them as they wont be very expensive.