Saturday, 22 September 2007

I will post some crafts soon!!!

I am getting into gear and hope to start doing some paper crafting soon, then I will have something to blog. Right now I have a really sore neck, probably because I have had quite a stressful week at work, if I turn my head to the right the pain shoots right up my head. I am just going to the hairdressers and am not looking forward to the back wash!

More hassle this morning with my website. Someone had reported a minor error to me and I was going to sort it - my website had disappeared! Lycos page came up saying it was coming soon! I logged into my account and they had closed it, I closed the eshop about a month ago when the annual subscription ran out, but my email and the PHP seemed to still be there, and as I had paid for my domain name for 2 years, I thought this must all come with it - ha ha ha. It appears that there is some kind of delay in the rest of the stuff being closed because I have lost my webmail as well, with all 83 emails that are in it. I have had to sign up for one of the hosting packages and it's cost me £70 for the year, I am really mad about it because I might have gone elsewhere if I'd known this was going to happen, but its too late now - I need my site up after all the promotion I've been doing and I really need that email address. Thing is, it doesn't become operational for 24-48 hours and then I will have to upload the site again - arrrrgh

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  1. Grrr, how irritating for you Janice. I do hope it gets sorted quickly and that your neck is feeling a bit better now.


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