Sunday, 21 October 2012

Black and White Three - 365+1

We have embarked on a series of black and white photo prompts, just at the time when the landscape seems to have burst into glorious shades of red and yellow.  I was out and about this weekend with visitors at New Abbey, and took a lot of photographs which I think you will be seeing over the next few days.  With this first prompt "Black and White Landscape" I made the layout in colour and then changed the whole thing to black and white.  Not sure that I really like it, but that is probably because I prefer it in colour!
Scraporchard - SO September Mega

Bisontine - Vintage and Kelly Marie - Bailey
I don't often feature my grandson in my layouts, but decided to 'extract' his image from the photograph convert to black and white for the 'Black and White Portrait'

DSD by Athena - Elegance
Here is an odd photo.  I took a close up of these mushrooms growing at the base of a tree, they look even more strange in black and white for the 'Black and White Close Up' prompt.


  1. lovely photos, the autumn colours are too glorious for black and white arent they

  2. Fabulous LOs, the one with autumn colors is fantastic !

  3. I know what you mean, I once used Maldives pics for a layout in black and white, and nothing in the Indian Ocean is black and white..but lovely shades of grey.. Oh and there's another story!,:-)

  4. Lovely shot of the bench, I like it both ways, the beauty of digital.

  5. I prefer the colour one but the picture of your grandson is beautiful.


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