Thursday, 11 October 2012

Overgrown-Sky-Barren-Distant 365+1

This is an incredibly busy time of year for me at work which means I'm tired and not keeping up with the prompts for 365+1.  Anyway, tonight I thought I'd raid my photo archive and get caught up again.

This one really threw me, I live in a very lush, green place and there isn't much that is barren, so I've stretched the prompt, and the spelling!

Looking towards the Moffat Hills from our top field (the field with the sheep in it).


  1. Great take with the cakes !!!!

  2. great view and love the take on barren :)

  3. Janice, your photos are great. I love the "arran" photo and especially the distance one.

  4. tee hee like the barren prompt ... well sometimes you have to think outside the box don't you.

    The sky one is my favourite though.


  5. What can I add?..
    Thank you, you have!


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