Sunday, 14 October 2012

Street and Chimney - 365+1

I was really annoyed that I hadn't checked the prompt yesterday as I was in Glasgow and could easily have snapped a street scene.  There are no streets where I live (I checked the definition) we have lanes and roads, but no streets.  I was going to use an old photograph then I suddenly remembered this cookery book which is waiting to be reviewed for my other blog!

We may not have streets but we do have chimnneys, so that was an easy snap to take.


  1. Love your take on street, very clever.

  2. Well done, you end up with 2 beautiful LOs !

  3. Great take on "street" I hope the recipes are good if you've got to try them out.
    I bet it won't be long before you can see the smoke coming from your chimneys now it is getting cold

  4. Lovely layouts- very clever photos.

  5. And no Dick Van Dyke in sight Janice. hahaha :)

    Loving that red to match your painted brickwork.

  6. I keep looking at your blog - really great job! These are really great projects! Bravo!


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