Friday, 2 November 2012

Digital Scrapbooking Day Catch Up!

02/11/12 Primary Colours

01/11/12 Tree

31/10/12 Fear

30/10/12 Quirky

29/10/12 Statue
It's Digital Scrapbooking day today, so I thought I'd better get caught up on my prompts.  A few old photos and a few more recent ones.


  1. Great catch up Janice, you have done brilliantly to have kept up with these :)

    We have posted a few comments on our blogs about what to do next year, if you are interested please have a look and let us know whether you would want to join in and any other ideas you have. Thanks.

  2. Hi Janice great catch up xxx
    Have you caught up with 2013 challenge we as a small group are planning? Read Jenni's blog or find us we have formed a social group on UKS.Here is the link

    We are also swapping emails if you are interested. mine is

  3. Beautiful catch up Janice.
    We are chatting about next year already. We are here :

    If you are not part of UKS yet, you just need a username and password and you can register here :


  4. great photos and layouts, i like the pumpkin.

  5. Brilliant, that's great I will put you down for a prompt :)

  6. I love your catch up Janet. Great that you are thinking of joining us next year.


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