Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Refreshing and Thoughtful - 365+1

I'm trying not to get quite so far behind with my layouts for Suzie's 365+1 this week.  Only two to catch up on today.  A couple of nice glasses of cold beer for 'Refreshing'.

My grandson loves to play with our little Flip video camera, he likes me to film him and then he watches the films back. I think he looks very thoughtful here.


  1. How cute your grandson is ! He certainly looks very thoughtful !

  2. Travis is certainly going to be a film director Janice tee hee.

    Lovely muted colours for these layouts. :)

  3. Janice this is exactly what my DGD Xanthe does with my phone camera, wants lots of photos taken and then spends ages looking at the all LOL!!

    you will soon be posting daily at this rate :)

  4. He is cute and they love technology don't they. I haven't caught anyone looking thoughtful yet!

  5. gorgeous picture of your grandson.


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