Sunday, 11 November 2012

A week of 365+1 - Catching Up!

Memories 11.11.12

Warm 10.11.12

Ponder 09.11.12

Domestic 08.11.12

Creative 07.11.12

Dotty 06.11.12


  1. It's lovely to see your catch up Janice. I assume you've had a busy week.

  2. i love the ponder photo...looks a very reflective place to be. Great catch up and lovely layouts for your photos.

  3. I love the real poppies and the pondering place is exactly where I would go to ponder. Very beautiful.
    Funny you misread the prompt for day 312 (I guess you even didn't realize). It had me wondering and double-checking if I wasn't the one who misread it as it already happened to me once. xxx

  4. Love the chef on he warm one :) Great catch up x

  5. Janice you are a marvel at keeping these going ... what will you do next year?



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