Monday, 26 November 2012

Lonely - 365+1

My MIL was on a holiday to the Cowal Peninsula last week.  She brought back this map, and it occurred to me that, while it is a very beautiful place, it could be lonely there, particularly when the weather prevents the ferries.  The Cowal Peninsula is attached to the mainland of Scotland, but it's a very long way to drive from the central belt of Scotland and all the way down the peninsula, much quicker to hop on a ferry.


Anne said...

Glad you explained where Cowal Peninsula is as I never heard about it before.
I like a lot the mixed pastel colors of your background. x

viv said...

I love that map and I will look for the Cowell peninsula on the map. I forgot to say earlier I have made your prune energy bar and it was delicious. I need to go and buy more ingredients to make some more. Thank you.

Janice said...

Thanks Viv, glad you enjoyed them.