Saturday, 24 November 2012

Paint, Gloomy, Wintry Day - 365+1

DSD by Athena - All about me

I could have taken a photo of the paint pots that seem to live by the back door, but instead decided to use a photo of an art journal I started but never finished!  That is quite common for me, good intentions but then get fed up and move on, or simply run out of time.  I used an old poetry book I had bought when I was about 19, it wasn't a very good one, no idea why I kept it.  Anyway , it made a good base for the journal.  One day I may revisit it and finish it.
Irene Alexeeva
After all the very heavy rain and flooding we have had last week, we woke to a hard frost this morning.  The flooded field had frozen overnight and the reeds were sticking up through lace-like ice patterns.  Perfect for photographs!  It was rather gloomy all day, the freezing fog never lifted in our little part of the world although, according to my husband it wasn't as bad elsewhere.

Aimee Harrison - Wintry Day
I really didn't like the 'sad' prompt, I don't want to think about sad things.  So I am giving you another wintry day photograph, a close up of the fine shards of ice that had formed between the grass. The kit I used is called 'Wintry Day' so I thought that was an apt title.

I've come to a bit of a conclusion about next year's photo challenge.  I have been playing around with various apps for my phone, so will be taking the photos with my phone and, although I may do the occasional layout, I will be sticking to photos, hopefully meaning I don't get behind!


  1. wow the ice on that last photograph is amazing Janice - it doesn't look real!

    Yes you should give journalling another go when you've got time as it is one of those things you can do on your knee whilst watching the tv.


  2. I know how much time of a day is spent taking a photo and uploading etc, so doing a layout too you have done really well, I can understand your thoughts for next year to do a photo. Your layouts are lovely and the winter ones today are great. It was very cold this morning, we had fog too.

  3. Gorgeous LO's Janice, it looks like you've had some rotten weather up there.
    I'd love to see more of your journalling too, although I understand the not finishing things.
    And I shall miss your lovely digi LO's - you must have so many files to create such different ones each time! xxx

  4. Beautiful Layouts Janice.
    Gosh you have had some hard weather up there.

  5. Gosh Janice it was cold with you!
    Today we have had rain all day but not really cold!
    Well done with your digi LO's guess a photo will be easier?

  6. Crikey, you have had it cold! Love the layouts you have made, especially the gloomy one. You have done so well to keep up with them and will have such a lovely record of the year. I can totally understand making it easier on yourself next year too! xxx

  7. Gosh the gloomy and wintry LOs are so beautiful. xx


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