Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Crafty Day Out

Just wanted to blog this photograph of 'Angelnorth' and me, I have to say that although she looks serious in this photograph, she is very warm and friendly. We met up today and had a lovely time chatting and crafting. I got a tutorial in colouring-in with Copics and Prisma pencils, however this has just made me want both, rather than one or the other!

For those who were oohing and ahhing over the thought of the lemon curd I made yesterday, you can see it HERE


  1. Hope you two had a lovely day and that you didn't lead Joanne astray Janice. haha

    Joanne, I hope you curtseyed when you first met Janice? You do know she is royalty. lol


  2. Great photo. Sounds like you had a fab day.xx

  3. WOOOOOOO!!!! You both kept that quiet!!! Awe bet you had a lot of fun but I hope that Joanne got a word in sometimes hahaha XXX

  4. Ooops, I forgot the curtsey! I'm sure Janice will forgive me but will Tracey?!

  5. Well you did go down on one knee Joanne, I think that will suffice lol


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