Friday, 28 August 2009

50th Birthday Card Slideshow

Here are some of the fantastic cards I received for my birthday.


  1. Awe you had loads of lovely cards Janice!!!

    hmmmmm.....your Mum knows you well doesn't she??? hahahaha

    And as for Muffin....AWE XXX

  2. how many cards!!! you've got some really nice ones there ;)

  3. wow Janice what a lovely collection of cards - you lucky girlie xx

  4. WOw look at all those cards!! You did really well.
    I laughed at your mum's card too, and hasn't Muffin grown?!!

  5. Oh Janice, my sweet! I missed your special day. Hope it was a good one.

    Hugs xxx

  6. Dear Janice, I have been swept away with busy days but just have to wish you a belated Happy Birthday! I love the pottery party you had and your cards are lovely! You are adorable as can be cutting your birthday cake!

  7. What a super lot of cards! x

  8. Didn't realise it was a 'special' birthday for you Janice. Looks as though you had a grand pile of cards to open.
    Congratulations on the big 50!
    Sue x


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