Saturday, 29 August 2009

Birthday Blogging No.2 - Seafood Restaurant

For the second part of my birthday celebrations I went to visit my Mum for a few days. As you can see she had made me a birthday cake, we took it to my Great Aunt's house on Monday afternoon and had tea and cake in the afternoon.
My birthday present from my great-aunt (this title is rather deceiving as she is only 10 years older than my Dad was!) was to take me, mum and my sister to The Seafood Restaurant at St Andrews. The restaurant is on the Scores, just behind the 18th green of the famous Old Course (golf - for the uninitiated). It is glass all around and sits out over the sea.
It was a beautiful sunny night, very bright, hence the squinting! And, just so you don't get the wrong idea, only one of those glasses of wine was mine!
This is Phyllis, my great aunt.
and this is my Mum
and my sister, Shirley.
The food was spectacular, so I had to take pictures! We started with an 'amuse bouche', a little something from the chef while you wait for your main course, it was Gravadlax and very tasty, but I didn't get a picture. The photograph above is my starter of Pittenweem Crab, it was delicious, Phyllis also had the crab.
My Mum had a terrine.
and Shirley had a Smoked Haddock Rarebit.
Here is my main course of Monkfish, it was on a bed of something green (can't remember what) and wild mushrooms, it doesn't look like much food, but it was actually quite filling.

Phyllis had Sea Trout.
and Shirley had Roasted Cod.
Mum had Halibut which was served in an oriental style.

The we had the 'Pre-Dessert' a little shot glass full of Eton Mess! I forgot to take a photo, sorry!

I just had to have the Chocolate Fondant for dessert, the thing in the middle is a marshmallow and it was served with Pistachio Icecream - yummy. Mum had the same.

Shirley is on a diet and doing really well, so she asked for a Fruit Salad.

Phyllis had the Strawberry Cheesecake served with strawberry sorbet.

This was followed by coffee and Petit Fours, we had eaten two of them before I remembered to take the picture lol!

It was getting dark when we left the restaurant, what an amazing place, I will definitely have to go back!


  1. wow Janice! the food looks gorgeous and the location fab! sounds like you had a great birthday xx

  2. Aaww Janice that looks such a fantastic place, what a lovely pressie. The food looks scrummy, even if you'd scoffed some of it!!!

  3. Oh my word Janice!!! That food looks absolutely fantastic. I'm really jealous!

    You look fantastic too by the way! If anyone asks, say you're 40...
    they'll believe you!


  4. Thank you very much Rosie, nothing like bit of slap to take 10 years off you! You wouldn't say that if you saw me this morning lol.

  5. What gorgeous photos and food!! And such happy photos of your family and you - thanks for sharing x

  6. Yum, has Phyllis got any of that dessert left it looks delicious?

    What a lovely place to spend the evening.


  7. Happy Birthday, although the wishes are late, I trust the year will be filled with love, happiness and good health. Gorgeous phots and such yummy food.

  8. Oh that restaurant looks fabulous! The food looks delicious. Were you asked to hurry up with your photos? ;))

  9. that food looks define :) but i bet those platters are a bugger to carry to the table LOL

  10. Janice, you must have been filled to bursting after all that!


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