Friday, 28 August 2009

Birthday Blogging No. 1 - Dalton Pottery

Firstly can I say a very BIG thank you to all of my crafting friends who sent me birthday cards. I hope to get them all photographed later and post them here.

The cake was made by the pottery/art cafe owner - very, very chocolatey- yum!
I may be 50 but I can still move pretty fast - that's me blowing out the candles.

Cutting the cake.
Andrew's girlfriend, Hazel with the plate she painted - she is an art student and paints in miniature, very slowly. This is her doing her 'Shopping Channel' pose!
Here are the teeny tiny feathers she painted.
Andrew doing a manic shopping channel pose with his plate, he also paints in detail, but much more abstract.
Close up of Andrew's plate.
Steven painted a teapot with a colourful lid and spout and musical notes going round it.
This is Shona, Steven's girlfriend and 'Jeremy' as she named her super-bright cow money bank.
Brian's sister Isabel made a Scottish themed dish with thistles and a hint of a Saltire flag inthe centre.
Margaret, my MIL decorated a Sundae dish which she plans to use as a vase.

Brian chose a butterfly because it had defined lines and used the marker pens rather than paint.
Here is the pot I painted, it can be used as a pencil pot or a vase.

We also did spin art, where you spray paint at a board which is rotating - that was a lot of fun, this is mine.

More Birthday Blogging tomorrow.


  1. hahahahahahahaha i LOVE that the cow is called Jeremy!!!!

    WOW you have all done some brilliant artwork there but where is Brians??? Is he shy???

    This is my kind of party , looks like you had a great time XXX

  2. oops! Haven't taken a pic of Brian's yet, he had gone to get the Thai take-away when I took the others. Will do so and add it in.

  3. great work there by all,i love your pencil pot. spin art is fun isn't it,we used to do it with the children :0

  4. wow what gorgeous that cow! and your flowers are very good!

  5. Oh wow you are all so talented. I love Hazel's feathers, but yours is my fave, it's so professional.

  6. Wow! what a clever bunch of crafters - superb work x

  7. Looks like you all had a jolly time at the pottery. Love all the crafting going on.

    yes you can still move fast for an oldie hahahaha - x only joking x



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