Monday, 23 February 2009

The Simple Woman's Day Book

I found this blog today and it really appealed to me to complete these questions.

23rd February 2009

Outside my window...
there are snowdrops

I am thinking...
about my mother

I am thankful for...
my health

From the learning rooms...
I learned about how our students are growing and learning on placement

From the kitchen...
I am enjoying the Cranberry and Pecan Nut Bars

I am wearing...
or rather I am NOT wearing a polo neck sweater as it is warmer today

I am creating...
a book for my son

I am going...
always going places

I am reading...
Bags with Paper & Stitch, Isobel Hall

I am hoping...
to finish marking the student assessments tomorrow

I am hearing...
my husband play the saxophone

Around the house...
I have turned down the thermostats on the bedroom heaters

One of my favorite things...
is the countryside

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Finish making the book for my son

Here is picture thought I am sharing...

Spring is Coming!


  1. Awe Janice...I can see why it appealed to you. I love what you've written. What a wonderful way to preserve how you are feeling right here right now. Great link. Certainly one to think about. :o)
    I love things like this...I started the 365 days of photo's on the 1st January & already it's starting to take shape! The family love it.
    Gez. xx

  2. This is lovely (what a lovely site that is) - great photo you've shared. And I love the 70s card. x

  3. I have thought several times about participating in the Day Book ~ even have a post drafted, but somehow, Monday rolls around too fast. Maybe next time.

    Enjoyed reading your thoughts.

  4. I really enjoyed your entry today. I especially enjoyed reading that you were listening to your hubby play the sax. How cool is that? Enjoy your week!

  5. What a lovely thing to do Janice! They would make a lovely book if you did them every week! Thank you sharing X

    I LOVE your DS2's card!!! I would have loved that in the 70's too hehe X


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