Thursday, 12 February 2009

Inchy - Flowers

FOR THIS WEEK'S CHALLENGE I'D LIKE TO SEE ROSES - IF ROSES IS TOO SPECIFIC I'LL LET YOU GET AWAY WITH FLOWERS, JUST THIS ONCE. So here is my Flowery inchy, for the Inchy by Inch challenge. Rubbish photo, I think I need a better camera ;) Edited 14.01.09, I took another photo of the inchy so you can see it better now. I don't think it was the distance that was the problem, more like not enough light! Even with my lightbox, it wasn't enough.


  1. Janice - it looks lovely are they little beads on it - I'm never successful with trying to glue beads on - I must be using the wrong sort of glue. Any hints? x

  2. love the colours.... maybe you are just trying to get that millimeter too close? even with my macro doesn't focus properly if I get too close.. then, I just have to back off a tiny bit and it is fine... does it beep when it is in focus? mine reminds me...

  3. Lovely! The clusters of beads add a lovely touch. On the photography, I'd have said the same as BumbleVee - try backing off a bit, you can always crop it right in with the software later.

  4. Ditto! I have this problem when I get too close. So BACK OFF GIRL!!!!
    Loves ya really. ;)
    Gez. XX Great inchy by the way!

  5. Hello, I have the same question as Fiona... I just tried adhesive dots but my embellishments are still not as secure as I would like. Any product suggestions?

    I am very new to this type of crafting and am participating in a weekly project called 52Q. Hopefully I will learn more as I go.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment!

    Kindly, ldh


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