Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Pancake Tuesday

The Chic Life Challenge Item (2/22 - 2/28) - Cinnamon

As it was pancake day today, I decided to make some pancakes with cinnamon. I found this recipe on the internet, made up the mix last night and only had to mix them up tonight and cook them on the girdle. I've been making pancakes since I was very little, my granny used to make them and I would help.
On tasting them I would use less salt and more cinnamon, to up the cinnamon I made some cinnamon butter, just a little sugar and some cinnamon mixed into softened butter.
These would be great with bacon and maple syrup and because they have oats in them they are still good for you - ha ha!


  1. They look yummy - I've never cooked on a GIRDLE myself though! lol

  2. Oooo, now they look yummy Janice xx

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHA I never knew you could cook on a girdle Janice!!! Yummy looking pancakes XXX

  4. Mmmmm, yes - the oats are bound to counteract the effect of that butter Janice ;o) I think the Scots term may creep down here and all, I didn't think you were odd at all when you said girdle. Might have to check out the recipe, these look lovely!

  5. Are you trying to convince us that they are good for you Janice?

    They do look very scrummy. :)

    p.s. I read it as gridle not girdle lol

  6. Thanks for playing! These look very tasty! :)


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