Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Chic Life - Food Challenge

I found this really great blog through Flickr - its called The Chic Life
I intended to take part in the weekly food challenge last week and bought a carton of pomegranate juice, but in the end I didn't make anything very exciting but enjoyed drinking the juice!

This week when I checked the challenge I found that it was 'cabbage' , really frustrating because I had made a lovely Winter Salad on Saturday with red cabbage, celeriac, pears, carrots, pine nuts and dried berries & cherries. However, to take part in the challenge you need to show a photograph of your creation. So I decided tonight that I would make a red cabbage salad for my lunch tomorrow.

I don't have any celeriac or pears left but I did have some celery.

These are the lovely berries & cherries, dried blueberries, cherries and lexia raisins.
I added some tikka chicken to my salad and made up a little French Dressing with olive oil & cider vinegar, I'm looking forward to eating my lunch tomorrow!


  1. Awww Janice! That sounds and looks scrummy!


  2. Interesting stuff Janice!

    You can keep your cabbage - and your celery yucky stuff both hehe

  3. Leave off the chicken and I might buy in to that one! The colours look lovely - enjoy!

  4. The colors look so vibrant and pretty! I bet it tasted great, too! Thanks for playing!

    :) Diana

  5. Yum yum Janice, that's how I can sum it up, hee hee, very colourful and delicious. XX

  6. YUM!!!!! Forgot you were coming over here for lunch hehe XXX

  7. Can I come with you for your lunch tomorrow please???

    That looks perfect too me. :D

  8. Hello, I have visited your blog a few times and enjoy seeing your artwork and cooking adventures. This one looks really good!
    Kindly, ldh

  9. Right Janice, I'm here, it's tomorrow now where's that salad?

    Looks really yummy and very healthy. :)

  10. Oh Janice that looks and sounds lovely. do you want to come down here and share it?
    Sue x

  11. Oooo yum, my kind of food. Pomegranate juice is delicious...you can keep the cabbage though LOL!

  12. Oooh that looks yummy - I love anything like that....x


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