Sunday, 8 February 2009

DCM - Oriental Spendour

I would like you to make a card with an Oriental influence and the ‘Take Away’ I referred to is the twist in the tail.

When ever Oriental is mentioned most people, including myself immediately reach for Red and Black so I’m taking them away from you and removing them from the pallet of colours that you can use on your card.

So to recap:-

I dare you to make an Oriental themed card which doesn’t use Red or Black

I'm not altogether happy with this card, but decided to post it anyway - it's the taking part that counts! Stamp is 'Tanda Stamps' - ink is Brilliance Mediterranean Blue


  1. Very sophisticated and classy there Janice. Love the stamp and the sentiment. The ribbon just sets it off perfectly.

    Lovely card. :)

  2. This is lovely - the blue and white are definitely reminiscent of willow pattern china so a great take on the oriental theme!

  3. I was thinking of the willow pattern to when I saw it! It's a lovely blue. Well done Janice. :)

  4. Janice I think this card is really honestly truly wonderful!

  5. Oh I’m so pleased that you did share your card with us Janice, it beautiful.
    I love the effect you get when just using one colour on White, because it’s so striking.

    Thanks for joining in with the DCM dare this week.

  6. Oh Janice, thats beautiful...I love the stamp!!! X

  7. I think it looks great! Nice color choice! :)


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