Monday, 4 May 2009

The Simple Woman Extra - 20 of my favourtie things

Over at The Simple Woman's Daybook, Peggy has given us an extra challenge, to come up with '20 Of My Favorite Things' I did wonder how I might do that, but she has provided a list which definitely makes it easier (please excuse the mix of bold and not bold, Blogger is playing up!)

1. Color-
2. Dessert-Hot cholocate fudge cake
3. Smell-cinnamon
4. Flower- daisy
5. Animal- cat
6. Month- June
7. Beverage- red wine
8. Pair of shoes- cream shoes I bought for the Royal garden party
9. Snack- Oatcakes and cheese
10. Song- Cary by Joni Mitchell
11. Book- Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
12. Fruit- Banana
13. Hairstyle- the one I have now
14. Piece of clothing- My red cord coat
15. Store to clothes shop- East
16. Season- Summer
17. Hobby- Crafting (all kinds)
18. Thing to collect- photographs
19. Movie- Singing in the Rain
20. Restaurant- Timothy's in Perth (sadly closed long ago)


  1. Brilliant list of favs Janice. I bet you had great fun coming up with the answers. I love Pride & Prejudice too! Don't mention Blogger to me!!
    Have a lovely day...x

  2. Good Morning, Janice! Fun reading your favorite thing list and getting to know you better! I followed your lead with the list. Great picture of the Meadow Vetch!

  3. Enjoyed your favorites list. Pride and Prejudice is one of my favorites, too. Isn't it sad when a favorite store closes up?! Too much of that going on right now.

  4. I enjoyed reading your list. I'm going to try and do it, too. Thanks for visiting me!

  5. Always interesting to read your responses x


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