Sunday, 24 May 2009

Bubbly Funk Non Retreaters Crop - Mini Book

You may remember that last weekend the poor souls who hadn't been able to attend the Retreat, had their own Non-Retreaters Crop and I made this little 10 minute mini book. One of the other crop challenges was a photo challenge featuring prompts that spelled out the letters BUBBLY FUNK! I decided to use my mini book to display these photos.
Prompt 1 - Blue, so here are some very BLUE bells, all the papers are K&Co from a monster bargain pack I got about two years ago from Arty Miss, the floral stickers also came in that pack. The large letters are Basic Grey and the rest of the word was done on the computer.
Prompt 2 - Underneath, this is not easy to see in the photograph unless you know what it is! And what it is, is a Swallow's nest, in our garden shed, I went in there for my watering can and saw the two swallows swooping out, so looked around and saw the nest UNDERNEATH the tin roof.
Prompt 3 - Beauty, and what a beauty this Highland Cow is! Not one of ours, but it was in the field right next to a cottage in the Lake District that I stayed at with some friends last year.
Prompt 4: Bottle, I was making a card for my DS1, as he had got a new job, so used that as my 'bottle'.
Prompt 5: Leather, I took a photo of the tassels on my suede boots, the black bit at the bottom of the page is a leather fringe I created from some off cuts of leather.
Prompt 6 - Young, this is me camping at York with my parents and my sister. We didn't have proper camping chairs so my dad used to take the seats out of the car and we had lovely comfy leather chairs!
Prompt 7 - Faces, you may have seen this photo before as it is one of my favourites of my family, taken in Dublin just before they flew the nest!
Prompt 8 - Up Above, I wasn't sure what to use for this so searched through some of my photo files and found this chandelier at Peterhof near St Petersburg. The photograph didn't look all that promising, but I am really pleased by the way it has come together on this page.
Prompt 9 - Nature, I have many, many nature photographs and this was taken last spring. The rotting log with moss and dead leaves is typical of the kind of habitat in the wood close to our home.
Prompt 10 - Knit, I had a bit of fun with this one, I did knit the beanie had, but probably about 15 years ago at least. It is Aran wool and has been one of the most enduring knitted items I have, I wear it when doing farming tasks and on winter walks. I did a little bit of knitting using a cotton bud with the ends cut off and some tapestry wool.
The back of the mini album gives the details of the dates of the NRC, these elements came from digital kits by Faith True and MAELIA Design France for Digiscrapaddicts, the little tag is actually a digital element that I printed and cut out, the brad is real! The 2009 is stamped.

I hope you have enjoyed my mini-book, I certainly enjoyed making it :)


  1. Thats gorgeous Janice....xx

  2. I really like this Janice!!! I love the way you did the prompts, especailly the swallow nest X

  3. Love the way this came together - the detail of the calendar on the back is fab!

  4. very nice janice:) i didn't realise the prompts spelt out bubbly funk!!!

  5. Fantastic Janice. It was lovely looking at your photos again. They have made a great book. I feel bad now for not getting on with mine! but thanks for the inspiration. Gez.xx

  6. You've made a lovely little book, Janice. I really must have a go with this one

  7. Really wonderful book Janice. Sorry I couldn't comment eariler but your blog wouldn't let me. :(

    Anywoo I really like the little piece of knitting you included in the book. Such fun. :)


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