Monday, 18 June 2012

Rebecca smells the flowers - 365+1

Nanum from Designs by Mozz
I think I've finally flipped!  The whole Rebecca Rag Doll 'same but different' prompt is a lot of fun.  But I found myself rushing home from work, redressing Rebecca in her genuine 1970s cord trousersuit and taking her outside to take photos next to my flower tubs!  More madness from the 365+1ers on Suzie's blog


  1. gorgeous layout and i love rebeccas clothes, the wizard enjoyed the outdoors today too.

  2. For sure we have all embraced this far too readily.. and still loving it! :-)

  3. Rebecca is lovely in her outfit. I think she is too gentile to join our naughty toys.
    We certainly are all enjoying our "friends" exploits.

  4. Yes, I confess to wondering what Cinders might get up to. I'm not sure why it sings to us, but it does! Love her outfit and she matches great! xx

  5. Great design! Very interesting elements - musical wood, white cats, pink background. These herbs and flowers are very beautiful.
    Rebecca is happy.

  6. It has been fun- really pretty layout with Rebecca today.


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