Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Weathered - 365+1

Snickerdoodle Designs - Granny Finch's Garden and Outside my Window

The back of our sheds is not a pretty sight. It has been patched up so many times, different bits of tin, now rusty, boards and gates.  When my husband saw me working on this layout, he pointed out what he is planning to do next, something to do with digging out the bottom of that bit with the gap and back filling it with gravel and reboarding it.  The never ending battle against the weather and nature, taking back our man-made structures, goes on.

Don't forget to look back at the layout(s) for yesterday which I only posted today.


  1. I just love your LOs, they are always so pretty !

  2. Great project! Congratulations! Someday, maybe I will learn to make these beauties. I really want!

  3. I do think this gives the shed a charming look but as you say not very practical. :)


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