Saturday, 2 June 2012

In the distance - 365+1

It wasn't the best of days for seeing things in the distance, it was a bit misty.  I got my telephoto lens onto the camera so I could see further away and pointed it at a local landmark 'The Queensbury'.  It's a hill in the Moffat Hills and usually the first one to have snow on it.  You can just about make it out in the distance.


  1. I'd love living in a farm with so much green around me ! Beautiful !

  2. I like a lot of your projects. Very nice way of presenting images.
    I think that the project-today is excellent!

  3. A lovely view of the Queensbury with your farm in the front. Great photo

  4. Thanks for your comments. Just for accuracy's sake, Viv, that's not our farm it's the one next door! I used my telephoto lens and it's brought it really close.


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