Thursday, 7 June 2012

Roadside - 365+1

I'm so glad I was on holiday when this prompt came up on Suzie's 365+1.  We have the most glorious hedgrows and roadsides. While some people complain about the cow parsley, I just love all the pretty little wild flowers and plants that populate our hedgrows and so do the bees as you will see in the top right photo.  It's easy to take your local scenery for granted, but every now and then I see it as others must do and realise just how fortunate I am to live in this beautiful countryside.

From the top left to right and down:  speedwell; bee on vetch; ferms; buttercup; red campion; eyebright and nettles; cow parsley and hawthorn hedges; hawthorn blossom; eyebright; more cow parsley and hawthorn hedges.

What's on your roadside?


  1. Janice, I am so envious I live in suburbia now but was brought up in the country and still miss it. Beautiful photos.

  2. Lovely idea.. ours are all getting trimmed back for the summer now which is kind of sad but good for the traffic!

  3. great photo, we have quite a few roads like that where we live and i love it

  4. We have a quiet road to drive through which avoids the traffic and it is so fluffy with ferns and wildflowers and it is indeed a sight I look forward to and enjoy each year :)

    I don't know their names though :)

  5. Great photo Janice and I love the layout. :)

  6. So beautiful Janice. My dream is to live in the countryside, middle of nowhere !


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