Monday, 11 June 2012

Vintage, Frayed, Neglected, Aged - 365+1 catch-up

Sherwood Studios - Thrift, Coppercurls Designs- Generations
A catch-up layout incorporating four prompts: 160: Vintage, 161: Frayed, 162: Neglected, 163: Aged.

I've been visiting my mum and helping her clear out some items from her outhouse.  One of them was an old trunk, which unfortunately is now full of woodworm and needed to go out before it spread any further.  However, it had some great labels dated 1952 so, of course, I took some pictures.  I didn't realise that Suzie would be so kind as to come up with the perfect prompts!


  1. Fantastic labels and great LO !

  2. Project Wonderful!
    We miss you.
    Have a nice week and creative inspiration!

  3. great that the photos worked so well with the prompt, well done on the catch up too

  4. If only that trunk could speak ... the stories it would tell. :)


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