Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer Pleasures - 365+1

Snickerdoodle Designs - Outside my Window, Scraplift from Anna Bjorklund in Scrap365 July 2012
Every year we have swallows nesting in our sheds on the farm. Summer begins when they arrive from South Africa,  I know they make a mess, but I love to see them popping their heads over the top of the nest and then finally flying off.  At the end of the summer they are all lined up on the electricity and telephone wires, waiting to head off south for the winter.

I managed to catch these two in the nest, but they weren't keen on me taking photos and gave me a real fright by suddently flying out over my head!


  1. Such a beautiful post, Janice. It is so rewarding to watch baby birds growing up.
    We had some sparrows in a nest a couple of years ago. We nicknamed their baby "ugly" and he really deserved his name but when getting older, he was so sweet and it was such a joy to have them for a while !

  2. Nature in any form gives us immense pleasure. Lovely LO for today's word xx

  3. that was a well captured photo, well done.

  4. lovely picture and layout, as ever x

  5. We believe that swallows make nests only where people are happy! Wonderful photo!
    Great post!


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