Monday, 28 June 2010

Mosaic Monday - tubs and troughs

The warm weather has really been great for the plants in my tubs and troughs.  The Petunias have such gorgeous colours and the dark ones look like velvet.  The little pink diascia is really flourshing too.
This mixed tub, is only relaly beginning to flower, but I think it looks good already.  The troughs of petunias and busy lizzies (impatiens) are also filling out nicely.


  1. Lovely photos Janice - I love petunias...x

  2. Gorgeous flowers! I just love petunia's!

  3. So very pretty.
    Thanks for visiting at Hospitality Lane.

    Becky K.

  4. Wow I remember you blogging about planting those a week or two ago - they have done really well Janice.


  5. Lovely flowers. Petunias are so nice. Great photos.

  6. Your tubs of flowers are gorgeous, I like how you mixed them and made them so abundant in flowers. Your mosaics are lovely.


  7. It looks like you have a knack for growing petunias. Lovely!

  8. Gorgeous container plants and I've never heard the word "lizzies" for impatiens ... Love it
    Thank you for sharing so much beauty and color Janice. A dear friend of mine always said how great petunias are because you don't have to deadhead them ... I agree.
    The garden is a magical place, isn't it!


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