Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Pitlochry - Sunday

More photographs from my holiday in Pitlochry.  On Sunday it was dull and grey so we went to the House of Bruar, a very up market shopping centre for a bowl of soup and a nose around the handbags, kitchen goods and the food hall.

I love the bright colours and garish variety of the sweets in the food hall, they are so photogenic.  However, I only bought some 'Tablet' to take back to my work colleagues, tablet is a type of Scottish fudge which is not chewy like normal fudge but is a slightly harder sweet.

We then walked down to the Pitlochry Festival Theatre to pick up our tickets for Monday night.

This footbridge leads to the Festival Theatre.

The Theatre sits right beside the river, close to the dam.

This beautiful honeysuckle was growing in a garden on the way to the theatre.

 The  water above the dam (north) was mill pond still and created some great reflections.

Looking south from the dam.


  1. Stunning photos Janice and I love the ones in the food hall, those sweets look gorgeous xx

  2. Super photos - brings back memories of Pitlochry (but when I went it was very rainy and misty, but still beautiful) x

  3. Such gorgeous photos Janice, looks like you had a lovely time xx

  4. Very pretty pictures!

    I wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a blogger award. Please stop by and pick up your award. :)

  5. lovely photos of what must be a magical and beautiful spot to visit ... I can almost smell the honeysuckle :)

  6. Great photos (not sure about the green mice though!), I've never been to Pitlochry but it looks lovely!

  7. Oh Janice...now you have made my mouth water!!!!!

    Lovely photo's....I didn't realise it was such a beautiful place XXX


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