Sunday, 27 June 2010

Blair Castle Part Two - The Ducks!

Yes, we are still at Blair Castle, this is the stately pile itself, home to the 11th Duke of Atholl, who actually lives in South Africa. The 10th Duke had no children so the estate passed to his cousin.

One of the highlights of our visit to Blair Castle was the Hercules Garden, I showed you the swans in the previous post and there are more birds to see this this post, but first a little of the garden itself.

 This is Hercules looking down on his garden

 and here is what he can see!

The bridge and lily pond

Brian on the bridge

Mama Duck was in the grass with her little ducklings

"Look at me, I'm so cute!"

Mr Drake & his reflection

Mrs Duck & her wake

Scruffy Duck heads for a bath

Meanwhile over in the bull rushes....

the water was bubbling like a cauldron - eek!  A closer look and we realised that the bubbling water was actually TADPOLES!!!  It's a long time since I've seen tadpoles and never in such quantities.

Mmmmm tadpoles for lunch...

Don't worry there were plenty left when she had finished.

We sat down on a bench for me to change the lenses on my camera and were spotted by this little lady.

Well hello...sorry no food for you.

Hrrumph, I don't know what things are coming to, can't get quality tourists nowadays.

These two weren't very impressed either!


  1.'re mad LOL
    great photos :)

  2. Great photos - thanks for sharing x

  3. Shame on you not having any bread!

    Lovely photos Janice.

  4. Haha those ducks only wanted some bread to go with their tadpoles! You are a meany! haha

    Scruffy duck is my favourite.


  5. I certainly am enjoying your getaway ... fantastic photos and that castle and grounds are WOW!

    Tadpoles ... imagine the croaking that will be going on in a few weeks ... surely there will be some frogs!
    p.s. I thought I saw tiny daisies growing in the lawn ... My Mom who was raised in Germany has always tried to get those to grow here int he states with no luck ... I have memories of making daisy chains as a little girl in Germany ... thanks for the stroll down memory lane too ;)

  6. Wow, those tadpoles, what a sight that must have been.

    Fab photos Janice xx

  7. Beautiful castle! Fab photos - looks an idyllic place...x

  8. This is such a lovely place...I remember going there centuries ago!!!

    Loving the ducks XXX

  9. Fab stuff, the boiling pond shot looks great!


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