Thursday, 1 July 2010

Kenmore and Loch Tay - Thursday

Thursday was a beautiful sunny day, we had planned to do a different walk, but they were digging up the roads and we were not able to get to that forest.  So we went back through Aberfeldy and on to Kenmore to walk up Drummond Hill and back down through the forest.
It was a steep hill, but the view from the Black Rock was worth every step.

Brian at the Black Rock Viewpoint.

Janice at the Black Rock Viewpoint

On the downward part of the walk we went through the woodlands, I loved how the light came through the trees.

Close up of Kenmore

This is the view from the lfeft of the bridge seen on the picture above.

This is the Crannog in Loch Tay, an ancient dwelling that has been recreated as a visitor attraction, we have been there before so didn't visit this time.

This is probably my favourite photograph of Loch Tay, Scotland is very beautiful when the sun shines.
Another photograph of Loch Tay.


  1. Brilliant photos Janice.

    Is that a monster in Loch Tay? haha


  2. Janice you know how much I love seeing your Scottish scenery and you haven't disappointed today either. Absolutely gorgeous photos, makes me want to visit even more xxx

  3. Super photos - hard to choose a favourite, but I think the last one is x

  4. more beautiful photos janice,i love the lock ones,and the view ones :)

  5. Fab photos - love the view of the loch and the light through the trees ones especially!

  6. Ohits all so beautiful Janice XXX

  7. Lovely photo's, haven't been to Scotland for many years, stayed in a croft, and didn't seen a soul (only sheep)

  8. Love the Black Rock viewpoint snap


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