Saturday, 3 July 2010

Last Day - Queens View, Rannoch Forest and Loch Rannoch

 On Friday, our last day, we headed towards Loch Tummel and the Queen's view.  There was a bit of haze on the hills so the view wasn't quite as good as I have seen it before.


We had planned to go on a walk in the Allean Forest, but it was closed due to forestry work so we headed further west to Rannoch Forest by Loch Rannoch.  We actually took the wrong road to the Forest car park but were very glad we did when we saw this Red Deer.

We seemed to have spent a lot of time looking over bridges at water!

Here is some of that water, with the distinctive brown tinge from the peat in the soil.

As we came down through the forest we saw this lovely still pond behind a wall, there was a little path down to it, round the side of the wall.

There were some dragonflies buzzing around the edge of the water, it wasn't easy trying to get a photo of the dragonfly, but I managed to catch one of them, although it is a little fuzzy.

And guess what?  There were more tadpoles at the edge of the water too.
Coming down from the forest we had a good view of the hills.

This is Loch Rannoch from the village of Kinloch Rannoch.

We really had a great holiday in and around Pitlochry and it reminded me just how beautiful Scotland can be....when the sun shines!!!


  1. Oh come on! We both know it's rust.

    I am going to show these to my father. He'll enjoy them. He's first generation American and has only been to Scotland once, but he longs for it all the time.

  2. Such great pictures .I love water whether sea or must have had a great time

  3. More lovely photos, I love the cloud patterns on the Loch Rannoch views ones!

  4. Thanks for showing your gorgeous scenery photos Janice, I have loved each and every one. Scotland is on my list of places to visit xx

  5. These have all been stunning views Janice but I must say nthat my favourite is the last one...its gorgeous XXX

  6. Oh Janice these photos are wonderful you have done a lot for the Scottish Tourist Board.


  7. Wow, what fabulous pictures Janice. I have very fond memories of my visit to the Highlands and these photos have reminded me of how beautiful Scotland is.

  8. What really beautiful photos Janice. Thank you for sharing, I've enjoyed looking at the wonderful scenery.

  9. each of these photos is so very lovely Janice ... Scotland certainly does look inviting! A country I have always wanted to visit and now thanks to you even more so ;)

    your digital art creations above are wonderful too!

    Happy new art week to you


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