Saturday, 16 February 2008

The New Calves have arrived!

Here are some of our new calves. They arrived last night just before six o'clock, there are 17 of them and they are Belgian Blue cross bullocks. We buy them in already reared, so we don't have to feed them milk, they are on to concentrate and hay right from the start. It is really hard to take photos of them as they are very nosey and come right up to you.

It was frosty this morning with a bit of freezing fog, but that soon lifted, so it has been quite a nice day. DH has been out with his tractor and muck spreader, putting last years muck out on the fields. We still have an old-fashioned midden so the dung gets well rotted before it is put out, it doesn't even smell very much, unlike the horrible slurry that comes from the neighbouring dairy farms.


  1. They look splendid Janice. I love bullocks, especially when they race around in a gang lol


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