Sunday, 17 February 2008

Mad dog-loving woman strikes again!

I didn't want to blog this until I knew that it had arrived safely. It nearly didn't as some 'b' had slit open the envelope to see if there was a gift card in the envelope - they must have been v. disappointed to see that it was only a pic of William! Anyway, they stapled it back together again right through the card! The reason I know all this is that this card was sent from William (my friend's West Highland Terrier) to Maisy, a little girlie Westie and pet of Rosie (Freycob), and Rosie told me what had happened.

I had such fun making it. The Heart Pocket template came from Splitcoast Stampers and I made it in vellum with a little heart shaped eyelet holding the pocket together.

This photo was inside the envelope.

and inside the card was a stamp from Little Claire ( I must get a bigger acrylic block as this stamp is huge and the feet are not a clear as they should be because they fell off the end lol) and the sentiment stamps are Stampin' up from Rachel Booth.


  1. There are some right thieving numpties about aren't there. At least the card arrived at it's destination eventually. I have to say though, not sure which of you guys is the daftest!

  2. Barking, absolutely barking!

    Great card though, even if it was from one dog to another. It really does make me pleased that we have the best Postie in the world on our round, though.

    My Maisie is proper jealous xx

    Love Bex

  4. !!! @ the opening of the envelope. I'm so glad it arrived safely, albeit stapled. Such a great card, and a lovely idea lol.

  5. Maisy loved it! She's smitten with the handsome William.

    I rang the post office to complain that some thieving so and so had slit it open to try and steal the gift card that wasn't IYSWIM but was too embarrassed to say that it was from my friend's dog to my dog so I said it was sent to my 7 year old daughter! Poor Freya! LOL

  6. Just how daft can you get Janice!!!! Just the sort of thing that I would do tho lol

    William is a very handsome boy, no wonder Maisie is smitten XXX


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