Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Auction for Ellie Wiseman on Bubblyfunk Forum

Kirsty Wiseman is a well known name in the world of crafting. Her daughter Ellie has a condition for which doctors in this country have been unable to find a solution. She is currently trying to raise funds to take Ellie to the USA for treatment. You can read more about her HERE

Over on the Bubblyfunk Forum the members are having an auction of stash and some items they have made, to help to raise funds for Ellie. To bid for items you would need to register with the forum and the Auction Thread is in 'Chit Chat'. Here are the instructions for the auction as posted by Caroline:

This is the thread specifically and only for those of you who have pics and info ready for auctioning. If you wish to chat about the auction please use the thread entitled 'Raising money for Ellie'If you can get your pics on with info and a price guide and people can have a general look around to see what they may like to bid for. Anyone interested in an item should PM me with a bid. The highest bid received by 7pm Sun 24 Feb, will be notified by me and payment will be arranged.So, can we aim to get all auction items on this thread by 20 February, then bids will need to be in with me (via PM) by 24 Feb, 7pm Sunday evening.

I hope you will come along and look and bid, or if you don't want to do that, you can donate directly through Kirsty's blog (see link above).


  1. Hi Janice,
    What a sweet valentines page, I love it, and your (friends)little doggy, so sweet!
    Bye Mascha

  2. You forgot to mention that one of your gorgeous bags is up for auction, Janice!

    Great LO - I didn't realise William isn't yours!


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