Wednesday, 25 March 2009

50 Treats

It's my friend's 50th Birthday and rather than one big present she liked the idea of having 50 treats, although I don't think she really expected me to provide them all! This did prove rather more difficult to achieve than I thought it would be and I sought some help from my friends on the Bubbly Funk Forum - thanks girls! (Spot the grungy flower DiO!)
In the end I chose some different categories. In the Food section are promises to make muffins and cookies and also to cook a dinner for her to keep in the freezer for unexpected guests.
mmmm chocolate - we both love very dark chocolate and these little bars of Green and Blacks were perfect.
My friend is a librarian and also a real film buff, behind the vellum is a bookmark and the little card promises a visit to the cinema.
In the Card section there are promises to make Christmas cards and other cards of her choice.
I blagged some samples from various places for this little package of goodies.
Ah Fun Stuff, that is days out, cocktails at Harvey Nics, the one with the pawprint ribbon is my promise to dog sit at her home for a long weekend as she is planning to go and visit a friend in Switzerland sometime in May.
Yes, more chocolate - lets face it a girl can never have too much.
A few little garden treats including lunch at the garden centre and a plant of her choice, a promise to cut her lawn while I am dog sitting and a packet of salad leaves seeds.
A nice cup of tea, the white tea with pomegranate is fab, it was my last one too!
The fruit portion is a bit of a joke between us, as anything even vaguely fruity like a blueberry muffin is deemed to be our 'fruit portion'. These 'All Natural' fruit strings are pretty yummy.
I made her a glittery badge to wear.
and provided some Cath Kidson notepaper and envelopes for those thank you letters.
In the little pouch are a couple of photos, the Audrey Hepburn one and another one morphed into Alexandra Bastedo of 'Champions' fame.

Most of the papers are Hippie Chick but there are a few others in there too. I was going to use my bind-it-all but the whole thing is so thick that it would never have bound, so I ended up with book rings.

Although I took ages thinking about how I was going to make this project, I did most of it over a weekend and really enjoyed bringing it together.


  1. Wow!!! Janice, it is brilliant! It looks as if it took you much longer than that - there's so much to it - fab-u-lous! x

  2. OMG Janice, that is absolutely stunning, what a wonderful gift. One of the most inspirational things I've seen....I just need to wait until someone I know has a milestone birthday!

  3. What an amazing and thoughtful friend you are?! That is one of (if not) the coolest gifts I've ever seen!

  4. Oh Janice I hope I am your friend in four years time.

    This is absolutely fabulous (excuse the pun) Avril will be thrilled with it.

    You are a very talented lady.

    Well done. :)

  5. AWESOME Janice. It will bring tears of joy to her eyes I'm sure - it did mine. What a most wonderful, thoughtful gift to make. XXX

    Enjoy your mowing....

  6. Your frined is going to be soooo over the moon with this Janice! Its a stunning gift from a lovely thoughtful you X

  7. Fantastic, what a fabulous gift to receive! I'm sure she'll be thrilled at all the thought and work that's gone in to it just as much as at the things themselves. Happy Birthday Avril!

  8. Wow - that is just absolutely stunning. What a lucky lady to have such a thoughtful friend.

  9. Oh Janice you really did yourself proud with this one! It's such a fab present (I'm liking the choc)!!


  10. Too cool. I KNOW she loved it.
    I did a similar thing for my sister's 40th just a bit ago. You can check it out here -
    Great minds think alike.

  11. Fantastic Janice - what a gorgeous present to give and receive! Lovely...x

  12. This is just amazing! I would take 50 years to come up with all of your ideas. The design and thought that went into this awesome gift is remarkable ~ something that your friend will laugh about and enjoy over and over.

  13. What a lovely lovely thing to do. Your friend must have been so pleased. And I can't believe it took you so little time to get it all together.


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