Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wild World

This young buzzard, was hanging round in our back garden tonight. I had to take this through the window and it was after 6pm hence the not so great quality of the picture. Incredible looking bird though.
It was a nice night so we went for a walk and a caught this lamb having his supper. There is another one on the other side!

The blackthorn is starting to bloom now at last. This is the 'May' of the saying 'Ne'er cast a clout till May be oot' or my version which is more like 'don't take your vest off till June and put it back on in September' hee hee ha ha.


  1. Wow you have such wonderful wildlife where you live you lucky thing.

  2. Oooh, we had a bird that looked very like that on our paddock gate a few weeks back - maybe that's what it was! Behaving very strangely it was, too (stayed there for a good hour and a half without moving even with us a few metres away, starting up the car etc etc). Looks like you had a pleasant walk and the May is just out here, too.

  3. We have a sparrow hawk that sits on our fence watching for the sparrows that nest in the eaves of the houses (they were built with little next boxes in the eaves) and I'm a townie!

    What a lovely walk - I would love to be a country girl!

  4. Great shots, Janice. Lovely to see the May blossom ... not sure that's I'll cast a clout yet!

  5. Its so lovely to live in the countryside isn't it. Lovely pics, pleased to see you can leave your thermals off soon Janice X


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