Friday, 11 April 2008

HS:MS - Recycle

Covert waste into reusable materials. Find something to recycle in your space today.

We recycle our bottles errr...obviously we have to collect them over LONG period of time, NOT!
This is an old milk sieve, when I moved to the farm with DH in 1985 we still had some cows that we milked, with a machine, to feed young calves, but we kept a bucket of milk for the house. You put a piece of muslin in the bottom of this sieve and poured the milk through to get rid of any dirt. We never came to any harm from it, but I'm glad my milk comes in nice convenient containers now! Anyway, when we stopped having a milking cow I 'recycled' it into a plant pot, it is looking a bit 'distressed' now, maybe I should repaint it.

We also recycle all our compostable material from the garden and kitchen. Here are my delightful compost bins lurking behind a shed out of the way. They are near enough the kitchen door to be practical and far enough away not to attract the flies


  1. Oh no, don't paint it - the distressed look is perfect for the milk sieve plant pot! Great piccies again, Janice. Could you take your camera on your lunch time stroll about at work?

  2. Great recycle shots and I love your milk sieve just the way it is!!!
    Happy weekend
    Love Di

  3. I wouldn't paint it, it looks beautifully rustic as it is. x

  4. Don't your compost bins look like 2 old ladies enjoying the view & having a gossip??? All great pic by the way X

  5. Go with the distressed look!
    Your glass recycling looks suspiciously like ours!! :)


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