Sunday, 20 April 2008

Rustic Cabin LO x 2

When we visited our friends in California last summer, they took us to their cabin in the lower Sierra Nevada, on the River Tule. This is the cabin nestling in the trees, there were quite a few cabins round about but they are all passed down through families and the area had a wonderful calm and peace about it.
The top picture is me on the veranda at the back of the cabin, putting my feet up after a 4 hour hike up the river to the waterfall (we didn't know it was going to be four hours when we set off!), the photo on the right was taken on the way up to the waterfall, looking out over the river valley.
The picture on the left, inside the fireplace, was actually an indoor barbeque, built with it's own chimney inside the cabin. Given our unpredictable weather, I don't know why we don't have this kind of barbie, seems like a much more sensible idea!
The kit is Rustic Cabin by Lisa from Digital Craft Cottage and was the March Designer Gift-a-Day. In other words it was free, you download a piece of the kit each day. I felt that it was so right for these photographs and as soon as I saw the stone fireplace (part of the kit) I knew that the ribs on the barbie had to go in there. I made the star motifs myself using the papers in the kit and my new found skills!


  1. Ooh I love your digi work, fabulous layouts!

  2. These look great Janice and well done with the stars - perfect embellies here!

  3. I love the country look of these. What a lovely place to visit!


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