Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Remember the scaffolding?

Well the builders arrived today to start taking down the chimney and rebuilding it. We had a couple of inches of snow this morning, but most of it had melted in the sun by the time Brian got home from work and climbed up the scaffolding to take these pictures.

This is the view from the roof looking out towards our 'neighbours'.

Here is the chimney without it's pot!
Lovely close-up.
and of course a view down the chimney.


  1. Love the arty "down shot"! Nice view too although I'm not sure I'd have climbed scaffolding to get it! Hope the rest of the work goes smoothly.

  2. nice view :) Like me I take every opportunity to get a 'different' shot :)

  3. I love the view looking down the chimney! But I am such a numpty as I was looking for a photo of the house hahahahaha XXX

  4. Now that's what I call a chimney Janice!! xx

  5. Scary stuff! I love that the chimney has that 'Mary Poppin's look about it. Best of luck to the builders. x

  6. Janice you should have been looking up the chimney then Brian could have taken a photo of you too. hahaha

    Sorry that you have had more snow. But great photos.


  7. You guys are moving right along! Looks like such a big job!

  8. hmmmm interesting photos - as I'll never be climbing up to have a look down a chimney, you could say this was a very educational post hehe


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