Saturday, 6 March 2010


Okay, so I'm no Mary Poppins and our Chim-chiminey isn't quite like the one in the movie, but here are some more pictures. The 'manitou' lifting thingy arrived at the beginning of the week to bring down the sandstone block from the chimney.
Here it is in all it's glory.
The builders have covered over the chimney well while they are away for the weekend.

Here are some of the blocks that were brought down from the chimney.


  1. Now you may think I'm strange (lol) but I like the look of those blocks.
    Loving the new header too xx

  2. Goodness that looks high up Janice. Kaz is right your header looks fab. :) Have a great Sunday.xx

  3. i was thinking the same about the blocks as kaz LOL

  4. Loving the March makeover for the blog header! Those blocks look like they'd need some careful handling to bring them down from that height, they must weigh a fair bit!

  5. Is that you sitting on the "er"? lol

    I'd love to have a look out from the top of that cherry picker machine thingy.

    The blocks do look very heavy and have lots of character and age to them.



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