Thursday, 25 March 2010

Friday Photo Flashback Family

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I promised that I'd show a picture of me with a perm.  Now I have some really horrible photos of a perm I had in the early 1980's, it went completely wrong and my hair actually broke off!!  Well I'm not going to show you those... at least not this week.

This is a later 1990's perm when I had long hair again, it was much easier to grow my hair if it was permed.  But in the end, because I have such thick hair, it just took too long to dry it in the morning and I got fed up and had it cut off.  Andrew looks about 5 or 6 so this must be about 1994/5.
From left to right: Steven, my mum, my sister, my gran (dad's mum), Andrew, me, Dad.  Behind me is my Uncle Fred and Aunty Phyllis.


  1. I love this photo! Look at all of those happy smiles and adorable girl with the perm!

  2. I remember having perms, and going through the routine of blow drying it with a diffuser EVERY morning.

    Your hair does look cute though!!

  3. Great family photo and the perm doesn't sit too badly at all!

  4. We all had that perm! Crazy! Why did we all want to look alike back then?

    Love the individuality of our current styles but we did have something like this with all the girls going straight for a while.

    What a lovely photo to share.

  5. Love this photo Janice, looks like you're all having fun. My sis had a perm like that and I had a bad perm in the 80's too - I think it was the law xxx

  6. Janice - you really don't look as if you've aged at all!!

    I've got quite a few "perm" piccies !! lol wonder if they'll come back in??

    Have a good weekend xx

  7. Wonderful family group there Janice. I presume Brian is taking the photo?


  8. Wow! what a lot of hair! My hair is naturally soooo straight that I had perms just to coax a bit of shape into it. Then I discovered paper and decided that my hair could do it's own thing and I'd spend all the money on stash instead!

  9. Lovely photo - I had long hair perms in the 1990s (and really bushy one in the 1980s - some of those photos are best forgotten!) x

  10. You still look cute. I remember in the 80s how I would use so much hair spray. It looked ridiculous LOL.
    Thanks for taking part in my give away daaaahling. Good luck :). I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
    *kisses* HH

  11. Great family flashback photo! Seriously, it sure does seem like we all did the perms then. :o)

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (I have been out of town so am just now catching up on blog reading! Yay for a mid week day off! have to catch up on housecleaning and drawing orders too...If you get a chance, do come by :o)


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