Saturday, 27 March 2010

Not quite refined!

" She was not what you would called refined.  She was not quite what you would call unrefined.  She was the kind of person that keeps a parrot"  Mark Twain.

 Jeanette has provided us with a beautiful frame for this week's Soartful Challenge.  I had a look through the Art Freebies that June kindly provides over the many weeks that I have been following her lovely blog, and I found this gorgeous image of the lady with the parrot!   I felt that it needed a quote, so a little searching found me that great quote at the top of the post.

PS this one is especially for Net!!!


  1. Absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful take on the Frame It challenge. Thanks for being Soartful this week.


  2. Absolutely brilliant Janice.xx
    You are so clever with digital creations. Just wondering when you met up with Net for the pose? ;))

  3. I love this picture!
    Michelle in NV

  4. The eminently quotable Twain! Great quote, great image and it looks fantastic with the frame, nice job!

  5. Hahaha Great quote there Janice. ;)

    Love the frame and the composition is fab.


  6. Hi Janice, this is absolutely gorgeous. what a unique piece of work and i love how she is sitting in the frame too.
    Just to let you know, Jeanette now runs the soartful challenge blog, Bless her she does such a great job and took over when i most needed her. Thought i best let you know.
    Hugs June xxxxxx

  7. ooo this is fantastic Janice! XXX

  8. hehehe As soon as I saw the quote I thought of Net!
    Great colours, fab image

  9. Beautifull in combination with the parrot's colors!

  10. Love the quote and ornate frame with the glamorous lady!


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